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Open access describes publishing academic information online at no cost for the benefit of all stakeholders. In accordance with its Open access policy (, English and German), Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) offers its researchers the option of publishing their work via the green or gold open access route with the university’s support.

Among other things, the green route is used for publications that have previously appeared in digital repositories (freely accessible online archives). FAU provides OPUS FAU as an institutional repository: . Please contact FAU University Press to find out whether secondary publication is possible and what embargo periods apply. The SHERPA/RoMEO database is the first resource that has been compiled of publishers’ copyright and self-archiving policies.

The gold route involves first publication as open access by high quality, reputable publishers. In this case, FAU University Press will not only make high quality print copies of your publication available at reasonable cost but will also facilitate worldwide electronic access to your publication in line with the open access concept. This ensures the optimal visibility and citability of your work and your research can be readily found by search engines (see, for example, Swan, Alma (2010) The Open Access citation advantage: studies and results to date). Thus as many of FAU University Press’s publications as possible are simultaneously made available free of charge in OPUS FAU. Our authors are only required to assign to us a simple, non-exclusive right of usage and can choose to publish under the Creative Commons License BY (the preferred license, unless there are legal arguments against it) or BY-NC (see

FAU University Press showcases the academic output of FAU and promotes open access in fields in which the publication of monographs is deemed to be of considerable relevance. The open access publishing programme of FAU University Press is expected to grow exponentially, both with regard to its subject range and the number of available titles, making research at FAU accessible to the international academic community.

For more information on open access, visit This website also includes subject-specific information on open access, for example important open access journals, subject repositories and databases. The head of the Office of Open Access at FAU University Library will be happy to answer any questions or provide any information you might require:

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