Hybrid publishing

The publications are published primarily in digital form on the OPUS FAU repository and are available to the worldwide community free of charge as open access publications.

If a print publication is also required, FAU University Press commissions selected print-on-demand printers to publish high quality, small print runs at an affordable price. At FAU University Press, dissertations are always hybrid publications, i.e. are produced in both digital and printed formats.

Publication series

Papers by FAU researchers, postdoctoral dissertations and other dissertations awarded the grade ‘summa cum laude’ are published in the FAU Forschungen series. This series has two categories: FAU Forschungen, Reihe A, Geisteswissenschaften for publications in the fields of the humanities and FAU Forschungen, Reihe B, Medizin, Naturwissenschaft, Technik for publications in the fields of medicine, natural sciences and technology. The Academic Advisory Board of FAU University Press decides which papers should be published as part of the FAU Forschungen series.

The series FAU Studien also has several categories. Doctoral dissertations and Magister theses must be recommended by the supervising professor before they can be included.

In addition, FAU University Press also publishes individual titles, such as conference volumes and exhibition catalogues, which do not do form part of any series.

Editorial Policy

More information on our editorial objectives, specifications and processes can be found on the underlying pages to this section and bundled in our Editorial Policy. The Editorial Policy can be viewed as a PDF file in the "Policies" section of our download page: